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ReMission Foundation Selects its 2024 Recipient

For 2024, ReMission Foundation, with the support of White Plains Hospital Cancer Center, is pleased to support Charles M. Noyer MD, Director of Gastroenterology and Joshua Raff MD, Director of the Digestive Cancer Program, and their efforts to promote a Pancreatic Cancer Screening Awareness Campaign. This campaign will focus on the importance of early pancreatic cancer screening for at risk individuals.

In 2023, 64,000 adults in the US were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, of which 80% are diagnosed at an advanced stage and are ineligible for surgery. Unfortunately, even after surgery, relapses are common and five-year survival is typically only 10-30%. Given these challenging outcomes, White Plains Hospital recognized the need to develop a screening program for individuals at an elevated risk for pancreatic cancer.

To learn more about Dr. Noyer's and Dr. Raff's efforts to battle pancreatic cancer, please visit our Annual Cause page here.

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