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Founded in 2011, we are an organization dedicated to supporting researchers exploring innovative ways to treat and prevent cancer and partnering with smaller causes to help extend their reach and awareness. We offer financial assistance to minimize the costs involved with cancer research and help smaller causes fundraise and promote their mission to a broader community.


Cancer may have started the fight, but with your help we will finish it

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is simple. Help our causes fund innovative research and cultivate as many new supporters as possible. It only takes one additional person to get involved, support the cause, and make a difference.

20160801_ReMission Outing_00035.JPG
Encouraging sign made for children with cancer at the National Institutes of Health Clinic

Our Focus

Each year, we choose one researcher, organization or cause and all proceeds from that year's fundraising efforts are dedicated to the selected individual or organization.

We Need Your Support Today!

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