Drinking coffee may lower risk of early death from colorectal cancer

Coffee-cup-saucer-beans_featurePeople with colorectal cancer (CRC) who drank at least four cups of coffee per day after their diagnosis had a significantly lower risk of early death—from either their cancer or any cause—than those who didn’t drink coffee, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The study was published online November 17, 2017 in Gastroenterology. You can read more here.

Report: 82% of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patients Were Misdiagnosed

Colorectal_Cancer_Alliance_SurveyNational nonprofit Colorectal Cancer Alliance received 1,535 survey responses over a one-month period from young-onset colorectal cancer survivors who were diagnosed with the disease prior to turning 50 years old. This group of survivors is notable as colorectal cancer is widely considered a disease that afflicts seniors, but the incidence rate in young people is climbing.

'Capsule Colonoscope' Could Pave the way for More Colorectal Cancer Screenings

While colorectal cancers are a leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., many tend to avoid diagnostic colonoscopy. A new “capsule colonoscope” could lead to a more comfortable colonoscopy experience and encourage more people at risk of colorectal cancer to undergo the procedure. To learn more, read here.

First Timeline of a Cancer Tracks Tumours from Origin to Spread

There’s rarely a silver lining to a cancer diagnosis. But one man’s illness has led to the first precise tracing of a cancer’s evolution. Knowing the exact time at which a particular tumour developed in the patient’s body allowed scientists to create a timeline for how his cancer evolved from a few cells, all the way through to the tumours that caused his eventual death.

The study provides clues about what makes some cancers spread rapidly, and may in the future help doctors estimate how a tumour might respond to therapies. Read more here.

Update on Past ReMission Causes: Smiles4Shira

We were joyed to learn last week that Shira Klein is doing well after a stem cell transplant from her mother (in combination with a strangers blood) and has been cancer free for 18 months. In 2013, ReMission Foundation teamed with Smiles4Shira (founded by Shira and her husband Justin Klein) to help raises awareness for Hodgkins Lymphoma. You can read an inspiring article about Shira's situation here and view a snippet from the article below.


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