Helicopter Ball Drop

What Is it?

Fighting cancer is not easy. That's why we are bringing back the helicopter. ReMission Foundation, in partnership with FOXTROT, will be executing our 3rd annual Helicopter Ball Drop to kick off our 11th Annual Charity Golf Outing.

How does it work:

Each ball is numbered (1 up to 2,000). At 10:45am on Monday August 2nd, a helicopter will fly over Essex Fells Country Club and drop the number of balls purchased over a painted target on the ground. The donor's ball that lands in (or closest to) the center target hole will win 20% of the total money raised from the ball drop.

How do I participate?:

Fill out the form below to purchase golf balls. Donations start at only $20 a ball. We are offering up to 2,000 balls in an attempt to raise an additional $40,000 to the MRF and Matthew Griffin, PhD for his Melanoma cancer research.

Can I watch it?:

The event will be live streamed on our Facebook page so those not attending the golf outing can watch the drop live with everyone else.

Note: ReMission Foundation Helicopter Ball Drop subject to the official rules and regulations herein.

Helicopter Ball Drop Form (Registration Now Closed)