David Crystal

David has been in the Medical Device Industry for the past 18 years. He worked for Spinal Associates, formerly the largest Medtronic Distributorship in the US. David was promoted to Sales Manager in 2009 where he led a team of 15 sales representatives. David then went on to work as a District Manager for Medtronic Spine and Biologics. David is currently working for Stryker Corporation in the role of Program Manager, helping expand the Straight2Swimming scoliosis program in Ireland and the UK.

David joined the ReMission team 7 years ago. The battle against cancer has always been something near and dear to David's heart. He lost his Mom at the age of 10 years old to a battle with cancer. David has joined the ReMission team to help raise awareness and fight the fight against cancer.

David currently lives in Livingston, New Jersey with his wife Loren and their three children: Jayde, Jordan and Joey.